Dakota Electric offers rebates for both business and residential members. Builders and contractors can use rebates to increase the value of their products and services when discussing projects and upgrades with Dakota Electric members.

Add Value

Use Dakota Electric's rebates to install energy-efficient appliances, air conditioners and heat pumps that will increase the value of the homes you offer to homeowners.

Financial Incentive

Dakota Electric's rebates help cover the cost of new, energy-efficient equipment, reducing the payback period and making the project or upgrade more affordable for both residential and commercial clients.

Residential Rebates

A variety of rebates are available for appliances, lighting, air conditioners and heat pumps for residential members who are building a new home, remodeling or simply looking to replace an existing appliance or HVAC system. View residential rebates

Business Rebates

Dakota Electric also offers several rebate options for business and commercial members, including a custom EnergyGrant® that can be used for energy-efficiency programs not covered by other rebate programs. View business rebates