Interruptible Load Management Program

You have the power to reduce your energy costs. Members who agree to reduce their electrical load by at least 50 kilowatts during times when Dakota Electric is experiencing times of peak energy use will benefit from reduced electric rates year-round.

Rate 70 – Full Interruption

  • Lowest rate available for Dakota Electric members
  • Offered to members who reduce their connected load to zero during times of peak demand
  • Many members use standby generators to achieve zero load, although it is not necessary
  • Dakota Electric will automatically start your generator and transfer your load off line when needed
  • Manually reducing your load to zero through voluntary curtailment also qualifies your business for this rate

Rate 71 – Partial Interruption

  • Available to members who can lower their load by at least 50 kilowatts during times of peak demand
  • Dakota Electric will work with you to determine your load reduction during peak times
  • The greater your reduction, the greater your savings

To learn more about interruptible programs, contact our Energy Experts® at 651-463-6243 or energyservices@dakotaelectric.com.