Wellspring Renewable Wind Energy®

You already use electricity to power your business, why not make it the cleanest electricity possible? With Wellspring, you can showcase your company’s commitment to the environment by purchasing renewable, wind-generated electricity.

Program Details

  • Wind energy is purchased in 100-kilowatt-hour blocks
  • For each 100-kilowatt-hour block you purchase, there is an additional charge of 40 cents* on your bill. *Price subject to change
  • Incentives available to help promote your company’s environmental commitment:
  • 5-24 blocks: window decal
  • 25-74 blocks: window decal and news release
  • 75+ blocks: window decal, news release and plaque

Program Options

Option 1: Purchase the same number of 100-kilowatt-hour blocks each month.

Option 2: Let the number of blocks you purchase each month fluctuate based on the amount of energy you use.

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Chandler Hills Wind Farm

  • Supplies wind energy for the Wellspring program
  • Located in Buffalo Ridge, Minn.
  • Nine turbines
  • The turbines generate electricity with wind speeds as low at nine milers per hour