Since 1992, the ENERGY STAR® label has helped consumers identify appliances, electronics and even homes that deliver a superior level of energy performance. In addition, ENERGY STAR has provided resources and information that help consumers make smart decisions about their energy use.  

Finding ENERGY STAR products

  • Look for the ENERGY STAR label on the product or product packaging.  
  • Review the product literature and advertisements.
  • Ask retail sales staff about ENERGY STAR products.

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Featured ENERGY STAR programs and tools

Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR
This national campaign encourages all Americans to join with millions of others to take small, individual steps that help them save energy and money while making a big difference for our environment. Check out the ENERGY STAR pledge to learn how you can be part of the solution and share your energy-saving story to help inspire others.

Get a quick overview of the tools ENERGY STAR has available to help you reduce your household's energy use.
Quick List of ENERGY STAR® Resources for Homes