Minnesota's Renewable Energy Standard

Under Minnesota's Renewable Energy Standard, electric utilities are required to produce 25 percent of their electricity by using renewable energy sources by the year 2025. Great River Energy currently meets or exceeds state renewable energy requirements.

Renewable Energy

Great River Energy's solar garden located at its headquarters in Maple Grove, Minn. (click to enlarge)

Dakota Electric, along with our wholesale power supplier Great River Energy, supports the use of renewable energy resources to make electricity. Great River Energy's generation portfolio includes environmentally sound renewable energy services including wind energy, biomass and hydropower.

In addition to the growing amount of renewable energy in our power portfolio, Dakota Electric supports renewable energy through a variety of programs. We invite you to explore the various topics in this section to learn more about how renewable energy works, what is required for members looking to install their own renewable generation systems and what Dakota Electric is doing to support these opportunities.