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Continuity of Service Statement

  • Dakota Electric Association will endeavor to provide continuous service but does not guarantee an uninterrupted or undisturbed supply of electric service. The Cooperative will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the interruption or disturbance of service for any cause other than gross negligence of the Cooperative.  The Cooperative reserves the right without previously notifying the member to temporarily interrupt service for construction, inspection, repairs, emergency operations, shortages in power supply, safety and State or National emergencies.  The Cooperative will not be liable in any event for any loss of profits or other consequential damages resulting from the use of service or any interruption or disturbance of service. 

Report an Outage

Despite Dakota Electric’s commitment to reliability, we cannot control outage causes such as weather, animals or accidents that damage equipment. Outages do occur from time to time, but you can help us get your power back on as quickly as possible by contacting Dakota Electric when you experience an outage.

Before you call

  1. Check to see if your neighbors or nearby streetlights are out of power.
  2. If only you are without power, check your circuit breakers and fuse box to see if the problem is limited to your home’s electric system.

Reporting an outage or safety hazard

  1. Call 651-463-6201 or 1-800-430-9722
  2. A member services representative or automated outage call answering system will answer your call.
  3. If our automated system answers your call, it will check to see if the number you are calling from matches a number in our database of addresses out of power.
  4. If a match is found, our outage analysis computer will check your circuit conditions.
  5. Following the analysis, our automated system will tell you if dispatchers are aware of your outage and record your telephone number, call time and address location.
  6. Next you will have the option to continue through the prompts and leave a message or to just hang up.
  7. To leave a message about a safety concern or possible outage cause, listen to the additional directions.

During widespread outages, telephone lines may be busy when you call. Please continue trying until you get through.

After you call

  1. Call again if your neighbors lights come on and you are still without power.
  2. During severe outages, listen to WCCO 830 AM or check Dakota Electric’s Web site, Facebook or Twitter (@DakotaElec) pages for outage information and updates.
  3. If necessary contact an electrician to repair your mast or service entrance. Learn more
  4. Know that Dakota Electric employees are working to safely restore power as quickly as possible.