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Capital Credits Allocation

  • When Dakota Electric’s annual revenue exceeds expenditures, it allocates capital credits to members based on their annual electric bill. The amount you are allocated becomes your equity in Dakota Electric.

Your Capital Credits

  • The capital credit amount listed on your August bill represents your share of Dakota Electric's profits for the previous year. Before we pay out capital credits in cash, we reinvest the money into the company to ensure you continue receiving reliable electric service at a reasonable rate. This strategy minimizes the amount of additional funds we borrow. While not presently payable, members will receive capital credits in the future.

Capital Credits Payment

  • Members receive capital credits in cash when Dakota Electric’s board of directors retires capital credits.
  • Your board of directors reviews our financial position each year and determines what amount of capital credits from previous allocations Dakota Electric can pay to members in cash.

Capital Credits

The difference between a member-owned cooperative such as Dakota Electric and an investor owned utility is that the same people who purchase electricity from Dakota Electric also own the cooperative. As owners, all members share in Dakota Electric’s profits.

Current capital credit payments

  • Dakota Electric has retired capital credits through 1988.
  • Each time the board of directors retires capital credits you earned while purchasing electricity from Dakota Electric, you will receive payment.

Unclaimed capital credits

If you were a member between 1978 and 1988 and did not receive a capital credits check, review the unclaimed capital credits list and submit the unclaimed capital credits payment request.

Receiving capital credit checks that do not belong to you

If you receive a capital credits check for a former member that no longer resides at the address, please take the following steps:

  1. Re-seal the envelope with the check enclosed.
  2. Write “Not at this address – Return to Sender” on the front of the envelope.
  3. Place the envelope back in the mail.
  4. Dakota Electric will attempt to locate the payee.


For more information, e-mail capitalcredits@dakotaelectric.com