Dakota Electric Outage App

Good news! Now you can quickly and easily report a power outage right from your mobile device.

How To Download

  1. Download the free Dakota Electric Outage App in the Apple Store or Google Play. It is compatible with Apple iOS and Android.
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you must request a code by calling 651-463-6212 or submitting the form below. The code is specific to your account and is required to personalize the app to your residence.
  3. Once you receive the code, enter it in the app where prompted and hit “Subscribe”. You can now set up your profile and alert notifications.

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Request Your Code

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To learn more about Dakota Electric’s Outage App, download the information sheet and watch the video below.

For detailed instructions on customizing the app to your residence(s), download the Dakota Electric Outage App Manual.