Tree Trimming and Planting

Landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your property and save energy, but trees and shrubs planted too close to power lines and other electrical equipment can create both safety and reliability concerns.

Tree Trimming

When tree branches grow too close to power lines, Dakota Electric must remove or prune the trees to ensure members continue to receive reliable electricity. Dakota Electric's crews and contractors follow these guidelines when clearing or pruning trees:

  • All trees within Dakota Electric’s right-of-way are subject to pruning or removal
  • Trees exceeding a mature height of 15 feet and within 10 feet of a power line are also subject to removal
  • Crews do not prune oak and elm trees during infectious months (April through July) except in emergency situations
  • Crews do not remove tree stumps or diseased wood
  • Crews remove branches hanging over power lines
  • Dakota Electric will notify members when pruning or removing trees

Members should never attempt to prune trees near power lines. Instead, contact Dakota Electric or a contractor to do the job. By having trees near power lines trimmed or removed, you help maintain the reliability of your electricity.

Request to have Dakota Electric trim or remove trees