Service Requests: Account Information Update

  • Use this form to update information regarding an existing account.
  • Changes submitted are not valid until confirmed by a Dakota Electric Association member service representative.
  • This form is only for account name or phone number changes. If you need to transfer electric service to a different address, please contact a member service representative at 651-463-6212.

Please provide your e-mail address or a current phone number so we can contact you if there is a problem processing your request.

Mailing Address Update (if different from service address)

Use the fields below to update the mailing address for your monthly bill. Your mailing address may differ from your service address, which is the location where Dakota Electric provides electric service.

If you are no longer responsible for the electric service at this address or do not currently have electric service in your name, please contact a member services representative at 651-463-6212.

Phone Number Update (If applicable)