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Continuity of Service Statement

  • Dakota Electric Association will endeavor to provide continuous service but does not guarantee an uninterrupted or undisturbed supply of electric service. The Cooperative will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the interruption or disturbance of service for any cause other than gross negligence of the Cooperative.  The Cooperative reserves the right without previously notifying the member to temporarily interrupt service for construction, inspection, repairs, emergency operations, shortages in power supply, safety and State or National emergencies.  The Cooperative will not be liable in any event for any loss of profits or other consequential damages resulting from the use of service or any interruption or disturbance of service. 

Outage Causes

There are a number of reasons members can be without power. Listed below are some of the most common causes.
Wind, lightning, ice and snow are the most common causes of widespread outages.

Trees: High winds sometimes cause branches to come in contact with powerlines. If your lights often blink on windy days, tree branches in the powerlines may be the cause: please call 651-463-6201 so we can investigate.

Vehicles: Motor vehicles sometimes crash into utility poles or other equipment and cause outages.

Animals: Squirrels, birds and other animals may contact lines and cause short circuits.

Excavation digging: Shovels or other digging equipment can cause damage to underground cables.

High power demand: Heat waves and other times of unusually high power demand can overload our equipment and cause an outage or cause equipment previously weakened by lightning to fail.