A Win-Win Partnership for a Sustainable Future

Dakota Electric teamed up with Habitat for Humanity Twin Cities to transform two homes in Lakeville, Minnesota.

This initiative was born out of a unique collaboration, as the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) reached out to Dakota Electric to explore opportunities to support Habitat for Humanity Twin Cities. CEE recognized Dakota Electric’s commitment to energy efficiency and believed that partnering with them would help create environmentally friendly homes while also reducing energy bills for the homeowners.

Dakota Electric funded the installation of high-efficiency air-source heat pumps and water heaters in both homes. This encompassed not only the cost of the equipment but also the expert installation, which was done by local company Angell Aire.

Dakota Electric’s involvement highlights our commitment to promoting electrification technologies that benefit the environment and our local communities.

HVAC van in front of a house
an electrician installing a heat pump