Electric Service Handbook

Dakota Electric Association publishes the Electric Service Handbook to improve communication between our members, contractors, architects and engineers to ensure quick, safe and accurate completion of projects.

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1.1  Safety

While we provide key information and available options, it remains your responsibility to know, understand and conform to applicable building codes and requirements. Although the Electric Service Handbook has reprinted some National Electric Code information with permission from NFPA 70, the complete National Electric Code contains significantly more information than we can include. Some of the National Electric Code requirements not included in this booklet may impact the safety and reliability of the electrical installation if not followed.

1.2  Call Before You Dig

Many of Dakota Electric’s power lines are buried underground, and an underground power line can be just as dangerous as an overhead power line. Protect yourself and your property by contacting Gopher State One Call (GSOC) before digging.

1.3  Inspections

All new services and existing service alterations must be inspected and approved by the proper authorities. View local electrical inspectors.