Board Election Information

As a member of Dakota Electric, you have the opportunity to participate in our annual election and vote for the directors who serve on the board and govern your cooperative. Dakota Electric 2024 annual election ballots will be mailed on April 8 from Survey & Ballot Systems, an independent election service. Each ballot includes instructions [...]

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Save Energy, Save Money: Air Source Heat Pump

Take Advantage of These Promotional Rebates Install a qualifying, energy-saving air-source heat pump or ductless air-source heat pump between April 1 - August 31 and save! Install a qualifying, energy-saving air-source heat pump or ductless air-source heat pump between April 1– August 31 and save! The technology of today’s air-source heat [...]

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Cold Weather Rule Ends April 30

The State of Minnesota established the Cold Weather Rule to protect residential heat-affected consumers — who make and keep a payment plan — from disconnection of service between Oct. 1 and April 30. Most Cold Weather Rule payment plans last until April 30 unless you make other arrangements with Dakota Electric. Your service could be [...]

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Summer Pole Inspections

Utili-Tech, a pole inspection contractor hired by Dakota Electric, is conducting annual pole inspections in Burnsville, north of Burnsville Parkway, and Eagan from May through August. The inspector will attempt to contact each member before performing inspections and might need to walk through backyards and private properties. The use of an ATV may be required [...]

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Where We Get Our Power

Dakota Electric sources its wholesale power from a generation and transmission cooperative called Great River Energy. Great River Energy manages a diverse, regionally connected, power portfolio to deliver reliable, affordable electricity to 1.7 million people across two-thirds of Minnesota through 27 member-owner cooperatives. A Responsible & Balanced Approach Great River Energy maintains a balanced resource [...]

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Distributed Solar

Dakota Electric Association promotes distributed solar by supporting members who install small-scale solar systems on their properties, such as rooftops. This approach decentralizes energy production, making members more independent while contributing to a resilient grid. Members can generate their electricity while reducing reliance on the grid. Members interested in connecting their own solar, wind and energy [...]

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Battery Storage

Battery storage in the context of the electric grid refers to the use of large-scale batteries to store electrical energy for later use. These batteries are typically connected to the grid and can be charged when there is excess electricity available, such as during periods of low demand or when renewable energy sources like solar or [...]

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Electric Vehicles & EV Stats

Why Own an EV? Affordable to run The average driver will save between $4,000 - $5,000 in fuel costs over the course of five years. EVs have lower maintenance costs since you can avoid oil changes, cooling system flushes, transmission servicing, air filter changes, spark plugs, drive belts, and more! Tax incentives can reduce [...]

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Crops Day

The sixteenth annual Crops Day, hosted by University of Minnesota and Dakota County Soil & Water Conservation District experts, will take place on Wed., March 13, 2024, at the Dakota Electric Association office in Farmington. The event offers local research results and crop management strategies to producers and agricultural professionals, with free admission and lunch [...]

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