Dakota Electric crews assist co-ops in restoring power

  The first request came about 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 11, from People’s Energy Cooperative ofOronoco, Minn. The second request came on Friday afternoon, April 12, from BENCO Electric Cooperative in Mankato. Both co-ops had hundreds of poles down and thousands of members without electricity from the April storm that brought snow, ice, rain, thunderstorms [...]

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SAFETY FIRST — Safety tips that can save your life

Dakota Electric’s top priority is to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy. Since May is National Electrical Safety Month, and with storm season approaching, I’d like to share a few safety tips that could save your life. Life-saving tips If your car collides with a utility pole, the vehicle could become energized so it’s critical to [...]

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Rebates & Offers to save you money

With rebates on everything from LED bulbs to heat pumps, it’s easy and cost effective to make your home energy efficient. Combine your purchase with a low-cost Energy Wise® off-peak electric rate to save even more! Contact the Energy Experts® at 651-463-6243 or email [email protected] Air-source heat pumps provide home cooling and supplemental heating, using 72% [...]

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Plan ahead when landscaping and planting trees

It’s not always easy to visualize how a few years will change your landscaping. That’s why you must plan ahead, especially when planting trees. Consider the height the tree will reach at maturity. Please see the chart below. Research the size the tree will become and calculate how far away from the power line it should [...]

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Dakota Electric wins prestigious Cooperative Purpose Award

Dakota Electric, one of more than 900 cooperatives making up NRECA, was recognized with this national award for significant contributions to the communities it serves. Items that were highlighted during the presentation included providing financial donations and volunteers to local nonprofits and community organizations and helping bring the first all electric school bus to Minnesota, along [...]

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Students win trip to Washington D.C.

Five local high school students were recently selected to receive a trip to Washington, D.C., sponsored by Dakota Electric Association. The winners are Davin Blix, Burnsville High School; Sanjana Molleti, Eastview High School; Nils Peterson, Eagan High School; Emma Veldhuis, Eagan High School; and Sarah Zipf, Eastview High School. The students will participate in the National [...]

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From your President/CEO and Board Chair

Dakota Electric Association is an electric distribution cooperative serving more than 107,000 members with 4,000 miles of overhead and underground lines. We believe in the cooperative business model, providing a critical service for the benefit of those we serve. Community As a cooperative, we endeavor to buy local and employ amazing people who live in [...]

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