Looking Ahead

What Members Can Expect In 2021 Dakota Electric Association’s board of directors recently reviewed and approved the 2021 budget and construction work plan. These documents outline how we intend to invest in our cooperative for the benefit of our member-owners.  2021 Budget The 2021 budget reflects the impact [...]

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Moving Forward

The Time Has Come to Pursue Beneficial Electrification and the ECO Act Learn About MREA We all want to ensure a clean environment for our kids and grandkids; embracing the concept of beneficial electrification can help us get there. Innovations in energy technologies are creating new [...]

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Cash Back

Returning Capital Credits Quicker Than Before  Learn More As we look to the future and launch brand-new initiatives, Dakota Electric’s core values stay true — provide members with outstanding electric reliability and quality service at a competitive rate. These pillars guide the strategic plan approved by our board [...]

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February Co-op News

RTA & AGi Updated For 2021 The Resource and Tax Adjustment (RTA) charge and Advanced Meter Recovery fee will increase on most members’ bills in 2021.  How much is the increase? For residential members, the 2021 RTA will be $0.0001 per kilowatt-hour, which is $0.0001 higher than December 2020. The 2021 advanced [...]

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The Power of Local Businesses

Supporting Our Neighbors Lakeville’s Hampton Inn employee, Leighandra T., deep cleans a guest room during the COVID-19 pandemic in early December. The hotel follows Hilton’s CleanStay program partnered with Lysol® to ensure their facilities are properly sanitized before guests check in.  Commitment to Community. Local business owners are hit [...]

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