Walking through our meter installation process Dakota Electric is working to upgrade more than 116,000 electric meters throughout our service area. Technicians from our contractor, Anixter, are replacing aging meters with advanced meters to improve service and reliability. To ensure public safety, each meter technician will take their temperature [...]

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What is Load Management?

Members can receive electricity at about half the regular rate for loads controlled by one of Dakota Electric’s Energy Wise® off-peak programs. Here’s what you should know: In the energy industry, electricity consumption is often referred to as load, and the amount of electricity drawn from a utility system at any given time is referred [...]

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Focus On

2020 Touchstone Energy Community Award Dakota Electric’s Touchstone Energy Community Award recognizes local non-profit organizations that make a difference in the communities we serve. One winner and two runners-up are chosen from applications received. Each receives $500, and the winner is entered into a statewide competition for a $1,000 prize. Application information [...]

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March Co-op News

Nominating committee selects 2021 director candidates In accordance with Section 3, Article III, of the bylaws of this Association, we the undersigned nominating committee, in a meeting assembled online January 26, 2021, have selected the following nominees for directorship of said Association to be on the ballot for the 2021 election. District [...]

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Looking Ahead

What Members Can Expect In 2021 Dakota Electric Association’s board of directors recently reviewed and approved the 2021 budget and construction work plan. These documents outline how we intend to invest in our cooperative for the benefit of our member-owners.  2021 Budget The 2021 budget reflects the impact [...]

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Moving Forward

The Time Has Come to Pursue Beneficial Electrification and the ECO Act Learn About MREA We all want to ensure a clean environment for our kids and grandkids; embracing the concept of beneficial electrification can help us get there. Innovations in energy technologies are creating new [...]

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