SCHOOL DONATIONS Dakota Electric provided independent school districts 196, 197 and 199 and Inver Hills Community College with this year’s donations from the unclaimed capital credits fund. A total of $50,000 was awarded to the schools (distributed based on enrollment size), which will be used to fund specific educational projects and reach district goals. Read [...]

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Meter Update

OVER 100,000 METERS INSTALLED By January 2022, we will have an estimated 120,000 advanced meters installed. The project remains under budget and on time, even with supply chain issues. This is due to the extra efforts Dakota Electric employees are making to ensure the updates run smoothly. Fixing meter issues Updating to advanced meters [...]

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Capital Credits

$6.1M BACK TO MEMBERS $6.1 million return estimated in 2021 This year, the board of directors approved the retirement of $6.1 million in capital credits to be paid back to members. Dakota Electric is returning the remaining 1995, 100% of the 1996-97 and 80% of the 1998 allocation. Members who [...]

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December Co-op News

HELPING NEIGHBORS Layoffs, medical emergencies, unexpected repairs — these things could happen to anyone and can leave families struggling to make ends meet. Dakota Electric members who contribute to the Helping Neighbors trust help local families pay utility bills when facing unexpected financial struggles. Dakota Electric distributes Helping Neighbors funds to the local CAP [...]

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Power Outage

The severe weather that swept across southern Minnesota in the early hours of Friday, Sept. 17, caused significant damage and the largest number of widespread outages Dakota Electric’s system has endured in over nine years. It was also the first major storm we experienced with updated systems and newer technology in place. At the time the [...]

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The Role of Your Board

Deadline for board candidates is Dec. 7 In adherence with Dakota Electric’s bylaws and policies, any eligible member may seek election for the board of directors in the district in which they reside. The following incumbent directors will be seeking reelection to the board of directors at Dakota Electric’s annual meeting on Apr. 28, 2022: [...]

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