Great River Energy Update

Low-Carbon Future Comes Into Focus  A step forward in Great River Energy’s vision to be the ideal power provider for Minnesota’s cooperative members has been taken. This step was the sale of Great River Energy’s Coal Creek Station power plant and high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission system to Rainbow Energy Center and Nexus Line, respectively. The [...]

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Our Co-op Family

Business on a Human Scale  At Dakota Electric, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of member service and integrity while maintaining a close-knit, family-friendly working environment. Dakota Electric’s success depends on the skills and collective strength of all of our employees and their motivation to help our members. This month we are featuring a few of [...]

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Member Testimonial

Benefits of an Air-Source Heat Pump (ASHP) An ASHP can provide efficient heating and cooling for your home. Since they have the ability to provide both cooling and heating, they serve as a single solution to keeping your home’s internal temperature comfortable year-round.One of our Dakota Electric members, Greyson W., recently installed an ASHP at [...]

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June Co-op News

Election Results Dakota Electric’s board of directors act on behalf of the membership to guide operations and future planning for the cooperative. The board of directors is made up of three members from each of its four districts. Directors serve three-year terms and are elected by you, our member-owners. Voting is done at large and [...]

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Electrical Safety For Kids

This month, Dakota Electric would like to take a moment to reflect on the importance of electrical safety for kids. Electricity plays a major role in our everyday lives, and it is a powerful resource that should be respected. Unfortunately, our children often do not understand the dangers of electricity. Since May is Electrical Safety Month, [...]

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Safety Guide

Committed To Safety At Dakota Electric, we are committed to a culture of safety that is integral to our daily operations. Our lineworkers are required to always wear personal protective equipment when on the job. This includes special fire-resistant clothing, limiting potential injuries from burns and sparks. Insulated rubber gloves and sleeves are worn in [...]

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Vegetation Management

Dakota Electric’s Vegetation Management Process  Planned maintenance. Including tree pruning or felling. Reactive pruning. Trimming vegetation with a high or demonstrated risk of interference with power lines. Felling trees. Cutting down trees that are discovered to be at risk of falling on or otherwise threatening power lines. Mowing. Maintaining the ground below the distribution power lines. Herbicide application. [...]

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