Powering the Zoo

"It's more than a relationship; it's a partnership." The value in fostering business relationships Dakota Electric’s business members face challenges every day, whether it’s meeting a deadline, making a sale or keeping operating costs at adequate levels. Understanding these challenges and needs is an integral part of being a business account executive. [...]

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Interview with Derik Otten

Derik Otten, senior director of campus planning and management at the Minnesota Zoo, equates the inner-workings of the Zoo to that of a hospital. “We have critical needs much like a hospital does — with surgical suites and life support.” Electricity plays a vital role for the animals housed at the Minnesota Zoo. If [...]

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Fast Facts

Welcome to the Zoo Located on 485 acres in Apple Valley, Minnesota Opened to the public in May 1978 The Zoo is home to over 4,990 animals The Zoo has installed efficient lighting and motion sensors on lights which have conserved enough energy to power 103 average US households per year What else has [...]

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How to Spot a Scam

1. Utility phone scams typically involve callers claiming to represent a utility company attempting to trick people into paying them money by threatening to turn off their service. If you are contacted by phone, hang up immediately and call Dakota Electric at 651-463- 6212 – DO NOT use a phone number given to you [...]

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