Buck Hill Unveils Cool Energy Efficient Upgrades

As winter approaches, we’re excited to share some positive news from one of our valued community partners—Buck Hill in Burnsville, Minnesota. Beyond being a local winter wonderland for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, Buck Hill has quietly been making strides in energy efficiency and sustainability over the past two years.

Smart Snowmaking and Lifts for a Better Experience

At the core of Buck Hill’s winter operations lies the new pump house and modernized chair lift. These enhancements not only guarantee optimal conditions for winter sports but have also yielded substantial energy savings.

Buck Hill is also embracing international innovation with the addition of ten state-of-the-art snow guns from Italy. These cutting-edge machines are designed to guarantee excellent snow quality while minimizing environmental impact.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Updates

Updates to lighting across the resort are making a substantial impact as well. The new lighting systems, both indoors and on the ski hill, enhance safety and visibility while being mindful of energy consumption. A total of 124 lights on the ski hill have moved from 1000W fixtures to more efficient 300W alternatives.

Years of Commitment

Buck Hill’s dedication to sustainability is not a recent endeavor ­— it has been making energy-efficient choices for years. In fact, Buck Hill holds the distinction of being the first commercial member of Dakota Electric to enroll in the Wellspring program. This forward-thinking initiative, available to all Dakota Electric members, provides both residential and business members with an opportunity to support sustainable energy.

Quantifying the Impact: Substantial Savings

Over the past two years, Buck Hill reports a noteworthy 950,820 kWh in energy savings, thanks to these thoughtful improvements.

As you gear up for the winter season and hit the slopes, know that you’re enjoying winter fun at a place that’s taking significant steps to make a positive impact on our environment.

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