Meet Dakota Electric’s 2023 Holiday Glow-off winner!

Established in 1952, Bremer Family Farms is always buzzing with life and the spirit of togetherness.

Bremer Family Farms is a three-generation dairy farm owned and operated by Karen, her son John and daughter-in-law Janet. John and Janet’s children, Sara and Michael, also contribute to the farm while holding off-farm jobs. Each family member has distinct responsibilities, ensuring the farm’s continued success.

The farm spans nearly 300 acres, dedicated to growing crops like corn, alfalfa and oats to feed their 130 milking cows and 100 young cattle. The farm’s sustainable practices — including crop rotation, efficient irrigation and manure recycling — ensure high yields and environmental preservation.

Their Holstein cows are housed in a spacious, well-ventilated barn that allows them to move freely, eat, drink and rest comfortably. With cooling systems for the warmer months and ample food and water, the cows are kept healthy and happy, producing top-quality milk.

As Dakota Electric members, the Bremers benefit from programs that boost their farm’s efficiency and sustainability. Participation in the cycled air conditioning program and load management for irrigation helps manage energy use and conserve resources, reducing operational costs.

Bremer Family Farms embodies the values of community, family, and farming, creating a warm and productive environment. Their story highlights the joys and challenges of farm life, and their dedication to sustainable practices and community involvement makes their farm a shining example for others. Whether you’re enjoying mint ice cream, a chunk of cheese, or a chocolate malt, you can taste the love and care the Bremer family pours into their work every day. Be sure to follow the Bremer Family Farms blog to learn more.

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Nestled in Hastings, Bremer Family Farms has been a beacon of dedication, innovation and warmth. The Bremer family runs this bustling dairy operation with a strong emphasis on family values and community involvement.

Adding a new dimension to their legacy, their daughter Sara launched Bremer Farms Lights in 2009, a seasonal drive-through holiday light display. The family invites visitors to experience a winter wonderland of twinkling lights and festive scenes from the comfort of their own cars. The scenes feature eight different holiday movie sets, handcrafted by Sara out of paint and plywood. Visitors receive tasty treats, visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus, say hi to Princess Kay of the Milky Way and meet the cows of Bremer Farms. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the season with family and friends.

Bremer Farms Lights was the winner of Dakota Electric’s first ever holiday glow-off competition under the small business category. Their submitted photo below received the most engagement on our social channels, which won them the opportunity to be featured in Circuits. Congratulations to Bremer Farms Lights!

Be sure to check out the November edition of Circuits for more information on our 2024 holiday glow-off competition.