Board FAQ

Dakota Electric Association is a member-owned and member-controlled electric distribution cooperative. The members elect one of their own to serve as a director on the cooperative board. These democratically-elected directors govern and direct the affairs of Dakota Electric, guide how the co-op’s money and assets are used to fulfill the cooperative’s mission, and represent their members’ interests and concerns as they develop policies that guide the cooperative’s operations and strategic direction.

Directors attend regional meetings, conferences and events to learn and make decisions on specific industry and governance issues such as risk management, ratemaking and policy development.

For more information, please view our Meet Your Board page.

Yes. Dakota Electric board members are encouraged to enroll in extensive training and education at a variety of levels. The education offered helps directors understand their roles and responsibilities, stay up-to-date on the key issues and trends in the industry and prepare them to meet the challenges facing electric cooperatives now and in the future.

Dakota Electric is governed by 12 directors. Three directors represent each of the four districts that make up the cooperative’s service area.

For more information, please view our Meet Your Board page.

Meetings are typically held at 8:30 a.m. on the last Thursday of the month at the cooperative’s headquarters in Farmington. Starting times and dates may vary. Board meetings are currently being held virtually due to COVID-19.

For more information, please view our Monthly Board Meetings page.

We ask that members interested in observing a board meeting contact Dakota Electric’s executive assistant, Melissa Cherney at 651-463-6252 or email [email protected] prior to the meeting.

Members who wish to request an item be placed on the board meeting agenda should submit their request, in writing, at least two weeks prior to the scheduled board meeting date. Any requested items will be reviewed by the CEO and board chair of the cooperative to ensure there is sufficient time on the agenda.

For more information, please view our Monthly Board Meetings page.

Members can contact their board member by going to the Meet Your Board page, finding the director/s listed in their district and clicking on their contact link.

Dakota Electric’s service area is divided equally into four districts to fairly represent the number of members residing in each district. For more information on which directors reside in which district, please view the Meet Your Board page. 

A nominating committee is responsible for determining the candidates for the board election. The committee is comprised of two members, and up to two alternate members, from each director district.

Each year, Dakota Electric seeks member participation for the nominating committee, a process that begins in November with a deadline in early December. Any members wishing to serve on the nominating committee must submit their names prior to the December deadline. The nominating committee is chosen via a random name drawing at the December board meeting.

For more information, please view our Annual Meeting and Elections page or watch for the notification in the November issue of Circuits.

Any Dakota Electric member in good standing may seek election for the board of directors in the district in which they reside. Qualified and eligible members must submit their candidate application by the deadline in early December. Completed applications are reviewed for eligibility and sent to the nominating committee for next steps.

Look for more information in the November issue of Circuits or view our Annual Meeting and Elections page.

Yes. The board receives a monthly stipend for their service.

Please contact Dakota Electric’s executive assistant, Melissa Cherney at 651-463-6252 or email [email protected] for more information.


Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Dakota Electric’s articles of incorporation and bylaws provide the framework for governing and conducting business at Dakota Electric with information on membership, board of director elections, capital credits and more.