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Power On

National Co-op Month Greg Miller, President & CEO You are more than just a customer. You are a member-owner of Dakota Electric. Because we are not-for-profit, we are focused on your street — not Wall Street. Our employees and board members are devoted to this cooperative, our communities and [...]

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Energy Trends

Electric Farming Equipment and Harvest Safety In 2017, John Deere showcased the first, fully battery-powered tractor. Nicknamed SESAM, for Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery, this all-electric tractor is modeled after John Deere’s 6r series tractors. The 21st century has brought about major advances in agricultural technology including real-time crop [...]

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Home Weatherization ‘Tis the season for sweaters, apple orchards and pumpkin-spice everything. It’s also the right time to start weatherizing your home for the heating season because those cold temperatures tend to sneak up on us when we least expect it. Assessing your home for energy-saving measures helps pinpoint where your house is losing [...]

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360 Communities, ProAct and Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Dakota Electric Association, along with CoBank, one of its lenders, recently donated $20,000 to three community organizations. Dakota Electric’s $5,000 donation to 360 Communities, $2,500 donation to ProAct and $2,500 donation to Dakota County’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon were matched by Cobank through the company’s [...]

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Co-op News

Apply for the 2020 Touchstone Energy Community Award The Touchstone Energy Community Award allows Dakota Electric to recognize and support local businesses, non-profit organizations and community needs. In 2020, Dakota Electric will provide up to three awards to local organizations, earning each winner a $500 cash prize. One local award winner will compete [...]

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Plugging In

Understanding Electric Vehicle Charging Trading a gas pump for a plug is a wonderful thing. Yet, recharging an electric vehicle is different from refueling a gas vehicle. Rather than going to a gas station when the tank is empty, EV drivers charge where they park, adding range at home, [...]

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New Technology

Four electric vehicle chargers installed at Dakota Electric headquarters promote the advancement of EV infrastructure. As the general public’s awareness of electric vehicle technology increases, more of our members are comfortable with purchasing and owning a plug-in EV. On average, we receive a call a day from members interested [...]

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Programs For Your EV & Home

ChargeWise For Your EV Time of Use Program An electric vehicle charger installed on Dakota Electric’s time-of-use rate will always receive electricity, so you can charge your vehicle whenever needed. A special meter is installed that allows the rate to fluctuate based on the time of day you charge your EV. Storage Program [...]

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The Cooperative Way

As a local business, we are proud to power your life and bring good things to our community. So, when we receive a letter from a member thanking us for our service, we are happily reminded of the foundation on which our cooperative is built; commitment to community. We are a member-owned, not-for-profit electric distribution [...]

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