Energy Assessments

Energy-assessments are a great resources for members who want to save money by reducing their energy use. Assessments help members determine where they are currently wasting energy and how much they can save with specific changes.

Online Energy Assessments

Online assessments and calculators provide a quick and easy way to discover what energy improvements will yield the highest level of savings.

Touchstone Energy Home Energy Assessment
ENERGY STAR® Home Energy Yard Stick

FREE Energy Assessments

Many low-income members struggle to pay their bills each month and often do not have funds to determine how to lower their energy use and make their bills more manageable. Dakota Electric has partnered with the Community Action Program (CAP) to provide free energy assessments to income-eligible members. Contact the CAP Agency to determine if you qualify.

Community Action Program (CAP) Agency
CAP phone: 651-322-3500
CAP Web site: www.capagency.org