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One-hundred and four area high school students received scholarships this spring for their post-secondary education from Dakota Electric Association. Others receiving part of the $160,000 unclaimed capital credits this year are students at Inver Hills Community College and Dakota County Technical College who will receive their scholarships in the fall.

Dakota Electric has donated $859,495 since 1990 to help students reach their goals through post-secondary education.

“This scholarship money comes from unclaimed capital credits,” Dakota Electric’s President and CEO Greg Miller said. “State law dictates how this money can be used, and it allows us to donate it to students. We are happy to provide the money as an investment in the future of our local youth.”

The following students received scholarships this year:

High School, College Attending

Apple Valley H.S.
Tracey Le, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Breanna Blocker, Concordia Univ., St Paul
Nabil Junaidi, Undecided
Hannah Humke, Colorado State Univ.
John Crippes, University of Wisconsin, Stout
Michael Milbauer, South Dakota School of Mines
Paige Nelson, University of Missouri
Sarah Youngner, Lawrence University

Burnsville H.S.
Jenna Allen, University of Missouri, Columbia
Samantha Connolly, Undecided
Nicholas DiGregorio, Normandale
Nicolle Domek, Undecided
Anna Fritchman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Desmond Fulton, Augsburg or Univ., Twin Cities
Grant Hopkins, Iowa State Univ. or Univ. of Wisc., Madison
Kallie LaValle, Grand Valley State University
Kaytlin McCasey, University of Nebraska
Jacob Odom, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Cannon Falls H.S.
Brock Peterson, Northwestern University, St Paul
Kaesey Glaess, Iowa State University
Molly Thomforde, Univ. of Wisconsin, River Falls

Eagan High School
Margarita Cabrera
Messei Ayele
Maayuk Eta
Tyler Huusko
Payton Chavie
T.J. Harder
Tarryn Michaelson
Matthew Norton
Reilly Hostager
Collin Amundson

Eastview H.S., Apple Valley
Perry Abdulkadir, Harvard
Lucas Brunner, Univ. of Wisc., Eau Claire
Monique Davis, Univ. of Wisc., River Falls
Natalie Ghaffari-Nikou, Univ. of Wisc., Madison
Rachel Kottke, Univ. of MN, Twin Cities
Alicia Nguyen, Univ. of Wisc., Madison
Ighedosa Ogbeide, Univ. of MN, Twin Cities
Eric Olson, Univ. of MN, Twin Cities
Cassandra Viotay, North Dakota State Univ.
Mariah Yos, Univ. of Kansas

Farmington H.S.
Eric Stoeckmann
Naomi Phillips
Alexander Burton
Itzell Flores
Jonathan Hicks
Brian Caravantes
Nhi Bella Lam
Amanda Balke
Alexandra Karye
Jacob Hoffman

Hastings H.S.
Courtney Ommen, University of Wisconsin, Stout
Shelby Wassink, Univ. of North Dakota
Payton Counts, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Miranda McNamara, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Corinna Fox, Univ. of Minnesota, Rochester
Rachel Bruch-Andersen, North Dakota State or Gustavus
Amy McNamara, Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth
Rachel Stancer-Prokop, Univ. of Wisc., River Falls
Thomas Roob, Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth
Bailey Clothier, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Henry Sibley H.S., Mendota Heights,
April Bleecker, Univ. of North Dakota
Tyler Solem, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Noah Meltzer, Univ. of Wisc., Madison

Lakeville North H.S.
Bronson Bruneau, Duke University
Riley Broughten, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Andrew Crenshaw, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Griffin Holland, Univ. of Wisc., Madison
Karly Kroeten, St. Olaf/Univ. of Minnesota
Taylor Lees, Miami University
Rachael Pilgrim, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Jessica Rebischke, Drake University
Melissa Saholt, St. Olaf College
Tyler Steinley, Univ. of Wisc., Eau Claire

Lakeville South H.S.
Nicole Boyd, Univ. of Virginia
Elizabeth Endersbe, Fort Lewis College
Carly Friedrich, Washington in St. Louis
Sydney Grossman, Brown University
Cody Kairis, Univ. of Wisc., Madison
Megan Lubow, Pepperdine
Taylor Vold, Yale
Brianna Wenande, St. Olaf
Anthony Wetzel, Denison
Kathleen Wilcox, Iowa State  

Northfield H.S.
Alexandra Edward, University of MN, Duluth
Madison Miller, University of MN, Duluth
Sarah Spaulding, College of St. Benedicts or St Norbert College

Randolph H.S.
Kelsie Jo Endres
Josie Fields

Red Wing H.S.
Isaac Toivonen
Kelsey Lappegaard
Ann Turcotte

Rosemount H.S.,

Sanam Bhakta, Univ. of MN, Twin Cities
Amari Brown, St. Catherine Univ.
Maggie Bushiri, St. Cloud State
Abigail Greaves, Univ. of MN, Duluth
Savannah Kearns, North Dakota State Univ,
Vy Le, Univ. of MN, Twin Cities
Vanessa Robbins, Univ. of MN, Crookston
Sarah Swanson, Winona State University
Kim Tran, St. Catherine Univ.
Kao Vang, Univ. of Wisc., River Falls
Simley H. S., Inver Grove Heights
Dee Vang, Univ. of MN
Janine Aquilar Alarcon, Univ. of Northwestern

The money for the annual scholarships comes from unclaimed patronage capital, also known as capital credits.