This post contains outdated information and is kept for archived purposes only.

All rebates under $400 will be issued as a credit on your electric bill. Rebates $400 and over are typically issued as a check in the mail.

Generally, it can take approximately 8-12 weeks to get the rebate, due to the very large volume of rebates we issue each year. During busy times of the year, it can take a little longer.

You must complete the rebate form and include a copy of the dated receipt with the model numbers, SKUs and/or work performed. Check the specific rebate form for any additional requirements.

There is no limit on bulbs. Visit the Apple Valley or Eagan Batteries+Bulbs locations and get an instant $2/bulb rebate at checkout (funds permitting). There’s no need to submit any paperwork to us, and you will not have to wait several months to receive the rebate credit on your electric bill. The instant rebate cannot be combined with the mail-in rebate.

If you spend less than $2/bulb, you will not get the full rebate. Instead, you will get your purchase price (excluding tax or discounts) rounded up to the nearest 50 cents.

Yes; however, you will only get the maximum $2/bulb rebate if you spent $2/bulb for each of those bulbs in the multi-pack. Example: If you buy a 4-pack of bulbs for $6, you will be rebated $6. If you buy a 4-pack of bulbs for $10, you will be rebated $8.

In order to qualify for the rebate, you must use a contractor listed on the Qualified Contractor list, or you can call our office to confirm they are on the list.

The contractor has to perform the start-up quality install tests first and document the results on the rebate form. The test can only be done once the outdoor temperature reaches a minimum of 55 degrees. Any air conditioner or heat pump installed during October-April will typically not see the rebate until the following summer.

No. In order to qualify for the rebate, the old unit must be recycled and a proof of recycling receipt must be submitted with the rebate application.

Most major retailers will haul away and recycle your old refrigerator/freezer when they deliver the new refrigerator/freezer. Check with them if they will and what the cost will be.

If you have an old working one you’d like to recycle, the following will pick up and recycle (check with them for the fees):

Certified Recycling                 952-894-1448

JR’s Advanced Recyclers     651-454-9215

You can also drop your unit off at Appliance Smart in Apple Valley. Contact them for recycling fees at 952-997-6844.