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Q&A – Featuring Logan Tryba

To make it on time for our interview, Logan Tryba had to skip cross country practice at Hastings Middle School. He told us about the hour of homework that was assigned to him earlier in the day. And that was “only for accelerated math,” he said. It was his second day of school after summer vacation.

What do you find to be the most interesting thing about Dakota Electric?
“You guys are not just investing members’ money in new ideas. You’re researching how to make it useful for them first. Like the electric bus, or different programs and rates for things like our central air conditioner. Dakota Electric has great rebates and you care about saving your members’ money.“

Logan and matt

Distribution system operator, Matt Matthees, shows Logan around the dispatch center.

Wow! You sure know a lot about the cooperatives. Very impressive! What do you see coming out of the energy industry in the future?
“A lot of renewable energy. I think everyone will have solar panels on their homes, even if they don’t use it to power their home. The energy grid will be more like a network. Electric cars will also take off. It would be awesome to see sections of the road that charge your electric car as you drive on it.”

Logan and Nick

Powerline specialist crew chief, Nick Vought, showed Logan the way around a bucket truck.

Logan got the chance to check out our meter room while on a tour of the Dakota Electric facility.

How innovative! What do you want to see from Dakota Electric in the future?
“I think you guys are moving towards a greener future. I like that. But also, all electric everything — more electric cars and buses. It would be really cool to see you guys do an electric semi-truck.”

You have some really neat ideas! Are these things you’d like to do when you grow up?
“I’m not 100% sure what I want to do yet, but I do like the energy industry. If I were to work at Dakota Electric, I’d be torn between working inside and outside. It would be awesome to manage the outside crews so I can have the best of both worlds.”

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
“Just that you guys are really open with your members and I think that’s very cool to see. I’m really glad Dakota Electric powers my home.”

Thank you for coming in, Logan!
“Thanks for having me.“

Kids are busier today than ever before. In fact, we could argue almost all aspects of our lives are busier now than in years past. That’s why we know you depend on Dakota Electric to help power your life.