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It’s electrifying!

With increasing popularity in renewable energy, we want to inform our members about the evolving power supply and ways to save money.

Today’s consumers want and expect options, including the type of energy powering their homes. Many homeowners are looking for a less expensive form of energy with ongoing savings. Some are looking for a green energy source.

Changes in technology and the market have contributed to making renewable energy more cost effective. Dakota Electric, by way of Great River Energy, is actively preparing for the future of energy production by purchasing and generating more renewable resources such as wind, solar and hydro power. We have more than 30% renewable resources in our energy mix and are not stopping there. We are committed to having more than 50% by 2030, or sooner. This means the power you receive from Dakota Electric is building a more sustainable future and becoming “greener.”

wind and solar

Interested in going carbon-free, faster?

When members participate in our renewable energy and load management programs and rebate options, they help to reduce carbon emissions on the electric power grid. While each member’s reduction might be small, together they can lead to significant savings of money and emissions.

The Wellspring Renewable Energy® program is an increasingly popular option for members interested in purchasing renewable energy. This means you can support renewable energy and its future without having to build or buy anything. See page three for more information.

Dakota Electric is committed to helping members find affordable, reliable and safe energy options. We make solar simple, helping you evaluate the risks and benefits of rooftop solar and finding a solution that is right for you.

Interest in alternative energy sources is fueled by decreasing costs for rooftop solar, the availability of financial incentives and the number of companies offering solar panel installation. Additionally, those exploring solar energy have new options. Members can buy or lease solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on their own rooftop or property.

Dakota Electric is seeking to keep pace with the changing energy environment and evolving technology. To learn more about renewable energy and our diverse energy mix, visit our solar page.