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Heat pump promotion

Take advantage of these hot promotional rebates! Install a qualifying, energy-saving air-source heat pump or ductless air-source heat pump and save.

Air-Source Heat Pumps

Air-Source Heat Pump Promo Rebate*
≥ 8.2 HSPF $1,000
≥ 9.0 HSPF $2,000

Unlike a central air conditioner, the technology of today’s central air-source heat pumps cool and heat your home, even in sub-zero temps, providing efficient, dependable and reliable comfort year-round. A central air-source heat pump uses existing ductwork to distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home. The outdoor condenser is connected to the indoor furnace fan.

Ductless Air-Source Heat Pump

Heating Source Regular Rebate Promo Rebate*
Delivered Fuels $300 $450
Electric Heat $500 $750

A ductless air-source heat pump is a good solution for homes with non-ducted heating systems, or for room additions where installing ductwork is not feasible. There is one outdoor condenser connected to one or more indoor air distribution units. Indoor units are typically mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling. The individually-controlled indoor units allow for zoned heating and cooling, which maximize comfort and energy savings.

Limited funds are available and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Rebate amounts and programs are subject to change without notice.

Cold Weather Rule ends April 15

Most Cold Weather Rule payment plans last until April 15 unless you make other arrangements with Dakota Electric. 

If you need more time to pay the amount owed on your electric bill, we will work with you to establish a payment plan. You can contact us Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 651-463-6212 or 1-800-874-3409, or email [email protected].

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