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Always be aware of power line locations

Farming equipment has become more massive and technologically advanced over time. While these welcome improvements help farmers cover more ground in less time, taller equipment and longer extensions can bring added challenges around power lines.

As farmers start entering the fields for planting, Dakota Electric Association urges everyone in agriculture to be alert to the dangers of working near overhead power lines, poles and other electrical equipment. Here are a few precautions to be aware of:

Cody, who was injured by an electrical contact accident, tells his story.

  • Make sure everyone knows to maintain a minimum 10-foot clearance from power lines.
  • If your equipment comes in contact with a power line, stay in the cab, unless it is not safe to do so. If you must leave, keep your feet together and hop away from the area.
  • Meet with your staff to discuss possible hazards and map out routes where equipment will be moved to ensure it will clear power lines.
  • When working around power lines, use a spotter who has a broad vantage point.
  • Lower extensions to the lowest setting when moving loads.
  • Do not go near someone in equipment that has come in contact with power lines. Call 9-1-1.

 Also be aware, springtime is storm season, and damaging storms can cause power outages and knock down power lines. Avoid downed power lines, always assume they are live, don’t go near them and call 9-1-1.

Everyone thinks an electrical accident could never happen to them, but take a minute to learn from Cody Conrady whose life was changed in an instant. Visit Dakota Electric’s YouTube channel ( to watch safety

videos and see Conrady’s story.