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A Greener, More Renewable Energy Source Is Powers the Cities of Burnsville and Eagan

The cities of Burnsville and Eagan made the decision to power all city-owned facilities served by Dakota Electric, with Wellspring Renewable Energy®. Through the Dakota Electric renewable energy program, these city facilities will be powered with wind energy, which is made possible through renewable energy certificates (RECs). The RECs are created as renewable energy is generated. Each REC is unique, trackable and can only be claimed once.

By enrolling in Wellspring, Burnsville and Eagan are offsetting non-renewable generation sources. Both cities started their 10-year agreements on Jan. 1 and have 17 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) enrolled in Wellspring. This is just one of the many ways these cities are showing their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The city of Eagan works to preserve, protect and invest in their natural environment. They do this in partnership with the community through education, innovation, inclusion, engagement and empowerment. This approach has led to nearly every Eagan resident rating their natural environment highly, and the city is continually being acknowledged as a leader in green and sustainable initiatives.

Sustainability in one of Burnsville’s strategic priorities with a focus on environmental stewardship through creative and innovative approaches to natural resource conservation. Ongoing efforts include the reduction of greenhouse gases and energy use, the protection of water sources and nature, and educational outreach to empower residents and businesses to make a difference with green initiatives.

Both cities have been recognized as Step 5 GreenStep cities. The Minnesota GreenStep program is a challenge, assistance and recognition program for communities working toward sustainability actions and outcomes.

Wellspring is available to all Dakota Electric members. To learn more about Wellspring, visit wellspring-renewable-energy.