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Help Power The Future

Those that work in the energy industry power life at home and the places we learn, play and work. These people, whether they work outside or in an office, are essential to keeping the lights on.

The electric power industry is responsible for more than 7 million American jobs in communities large and small. As the world focuses on improving and diversifying energy production, job opportunities are expanding.

While our lineworkers remain our public face, it takes many more departments to run an electric distribution cooperative like Dakota Electric. Our employees consist of communicators; accountants; business account representatives (who work with our commercial and industrial members); billing clerks; public and community relations professionals (who cultivate relationships with local, state and national opinion leaders and keep them updated on issues important to us and the communities we serve); information technology professionals; mechanics; warehouse staff; and powerline design technicians and engineers (who plot where new power lines will be built).

We grow our local labor force through workforce development strategies, which benefit Dakota Electric as well as the broader community and local economy. From supporting STEM education, to offering specialized training, Dakota Electric is creating long-term solutions and driving employment for a skilled and diverse future workforce. We recognize that the more viewpoints and life experiences people bring to the job and work teams, the stronger we will be. 

Dakota Electric strongly believes that hiring and caring for veterans and military spouses strengthens our cooperative and our communities. Veterans are uniquely suited for a second career in the energy industry and make up almost 10% of the energy industry workforce. Many of the skills developed in the military are easily transferable to successful careers in the energy industry, making servicemen and women highly sought-after candidates for employment.

The electric power industry is evolving and unique and offers job opportunities for a variety of individuals, whether they are students ready to work right after school, those interested in apprenticeships and those pursuing a college degree or technical certificate. 

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