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Safety Tips for Farmworkers

Farming is among the more dangerous occupations for several reasons, including potential for encounters with electrical hazards. Before taking to the fields, we want to remind farm workers to be aware of overhead power lines and to keep equipment and extensions far away from them. 

Plan Ahead

Know what jobs will happen near power lines and have a plan to keep the assigned workers safe.

10 Feet Away

Keep yourself and equipment at least 10 feet away from power lines in all directions, at all times. 

Use a Spotter

When doing field work, use a spotter and deploy flags to maintain safe distances from power lines and other electrical equipment.

Be Aware

When loading and transporting larger tractors with higher antennas, be aware of increased height.

Call Your Co-op

Never attempt to move a power line to clear a path. If they have sagged over time, call Dakota Electric to repair it.

Lower Extensions

Keep equipment extensions at their lowest level when moving them. Wind, uneven ground and other conditions could cause you to lose control of your equipment.

Hire Electricians

Use qualified electricians for work on drying equipment and other farm electrical systems.

Be Alert

Be careful not to raise any equipment, such as ladders, poles or rods into power lines. 

Stay Put

If your equipment makes contact with an energized or downed power line, contact Dakota Electric immediately and do not exit the equipment until the power line is de-energized.