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Energy efficiency has always been top of mind for Bob and Colleen of Lakeville. 

Prior to building their home in 1977, Bob spent a year in the library learning how they could build their home to be more energy efficient. They built their home using 2×6 construction, which allowed for more insulation, built a wood foundation and installed triple glazed windows. 

Since Colleen has allergies to gas, they needed to find an alternative source of energy to heat their home. They installed an electric resistance furnace and an electric heat pump. They read about Dakota Electric’s load management programs in Circuits and have been an off-peak program participant for over 20 years. 

Ten years ago, they transitioned their home to all electric from dual fuel. They also purchased a hybrid electric vehicle and installed a charger that is on Dakota Electric’s EV storage program. This program offers members the lowest cost off-peak electricity for charging an EV.

Five years ago, Bob and Colleen built a 40×60-foot shed and installed an electric boiler for in-floor heating, which is on Dakota Electric’s storage program.

Their participation in Dakota Electric’s programs has reduced their electric bill by 55-65%, which is a huge savings! 

Bob & Colleen

Dakota Electric members for over 45 years!


  • Whole home electric thermal storage (ETS) heater
  • Electric water heater
  • Air-source heat pump
  • Electric vehicle charger


  • Electric boiler for in-floor heating