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Touchstone Energy Community Award

Dakota Electric named Making Our Moms Successful (M.O.M.S.) Program, Burnsville, as the local 2022 Touchstone Energy Community Award winner. Dakota Middle School Lego League Sixth Graders, Eagan, and Winter Special Adventures, Vermillion, were named runners-up. Each organization received an award along with $500.  M.O.M.S. Program Provides long-term mentoring for single [...]

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Co-op News

RTA Charge and Advanced Meter Recovery fee There will be a slight increase to residential members’ bills in 2023 due to the resource & tax adjustment (RTA) charge and advanced meter recovery fee. How much is the increase? For residential members, the 2023 RTA will be $0.0027 per kilowatt-hour, which is $0.0007 higher [...]

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Member Testimonial

Energy efficiency has always been top of mind for Bob and Colleen of Lakeville.  Prior to building their home in 1977, Bob spent a year in the library learning how they could build their home to be more energy efficient. They built their home using 2x6 construction, which allowed for more insulation, built a wood [...]

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Load Management Programs

SAVE MONEY!  Participate in one or more of the following load management (also known as off-peak) programs and receive electricity at nearly half the regular rate!  Learn more at To enroll, contact the Energy Experts® at 651-463-6243 or [email protected]. Storage Programs Available for electric water heaters, electric thermal storage heaters and slab storage floor [...]

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2023 Energy Wise Rebates

Check out this year’s Energy Wise rebates for your home. For more information and for rebate forms, please visit our rebate page. 

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Community Awards

Apply for the 2021 Touchstone Energy Community Award The Touchstone Energy Community Award allows Dakota Electric to recognize and support local businesses, non-profit organizations and community needs. In 2021, Dakota Electric will provide up to three awards to local organizations, earning each winner a $500 cash prize. One local award winner will compete for a [...]

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Harvest Safety Tips for Farmworkers

Every year, we see collisions where tractors and other farming equipment accidentally collide with utility poles and power lines, causing injuries and power outages. These dangerous accidents can be avoided by looking up and around your surroundings when operating large farm machinery. If you’re preparing for harvest season, please keep the following safety tips in [...]

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October Co-op News

Energy Assistance We want to help our members find energy assistance resources that can help bring their account current. Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program (EAP) increased the amount of funding available to help members pay costs associated with heat and electricity. Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is crucial to contact an [...]

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