Dakota Electric strives to provide you with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. We work meticulously to keep costs low, rates stable and only raise rates when necessary. While the cost of supplies and raw materials has risen over the past five years, our rates have stayed flat. Inflationary pressures, interest rates and additional grid investments to keep up with the needs of our expanding membership have necessitated the evaluation of our rates.

Dakota Electric has not had an adjustment to our base electric rates (fixed and energy charges) since 2019 and this is due in part to you, the members, enrolling in energy-saving programs and participating in energy-efficiency practices. Thank you for your continued support and assistance in keeping our rates affordable.

More information will become available in future editions of Circuits.

Cost of Materials

Since 2019, the cost of supplies and materials have increased exponentially. These graphics show how much each asset has increased in cost since 2019 along with how many units/miles of each Dakota Electric maintains.

Cost increase of pole-mounted transformers
Cost increase of overhead wires
Cost increase of underground wire
Cost increase of pad-mounted transformers
Cost increase of vehicles