In accordance with Section 3, Article III, of the Bylaws of this Association, we the undersigned Nominating Committee, in a meeting assembled on January 23, 2017, in the office of Dakota Electric Association, have selected the following nominees for directorship of sale uk viagra said Association to be on the ballot for the buy kamagra pills annual meeting to be held on April 27, 2017.

 District Candidate
 1  John (Jack) DeYoe (incumbent)
 2  Janet Lekson (incumbent)
 3  Margaret Schreiner (incumbent)
 3  Douglas Bonar
 4  Paul Bakken (incumbent)

The Nominating Committee is made up of the following: Bruce Adams, Tim Burke, Evan Fust, Greg Oxley, Mark Pflaum, Steve Preus, John Switzer and online viagra sale Ray Yarwood.