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Today’s consumers want and expect options, including the type of energy powering their homes. Many homeowners are looking for a less expensive form of energy with ongoing savings. Some are looking for a green energy source. These two motives are why many homeowners are exploring rooftop solar panels.

However, as attractive and popular as rooftop solar may appear, it is important for consumers to fully understand the costs, the operational performance of this form of energy and actual energy savings. To determine whether rooftop solar is right for you, here are some factors you should consider:

  • overall energy efficiency of the home/building
  • age and pitch of the roof
  • orientation of the sun in relation to the home/building and shading from trees, etc.

The following financial considerations should also be taken into account:

  • Is there a large, up-front payment required or are fees spread out over time?
  • Will you own the panels or will they be leased?
  • Are there any hidden costs; i.e., does the roof need to be replaced before installing the panels?
  • Are there ongoing maintenance fees?
  • Are there rebates or other financial incentives available?
  • Is the estimated energy savings worth the investment?
  • Is it more cost effective to invest in other energy-saving measures?

For more information on interconnection with Dakota Electric, see Notice to Cogenerators.