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Jane Siebenaler
Jane SiebenalerBusiness Account Executive
“It’s more than a relationship; it’s a partnership.”

The value in fostering business relationships

Dakota Electric’s business members face challenges every day, whether it’s meeting a deadline, making a sale or keeping operating costs at adequate levels. Understanding these challenges and needs is an integral part of being a business account executive.

Working closely with business members, our goal is to recommend energy solutions and develop strategies that benefit them. By knowing a member’s unique usage needs and patterns, we help provide insight into better equipment choices that reduce energy use and operating costs.

Often we see ourselves as a member advocate – the liaison between the member and the contractor. By working with the member and general contractor, we analyze and manage a business’ electricity use before recommending efficiency upgrades.

The Minnesota Zoo improved the efficiency of their facilities through an energy audit and building study. The audit identified energy conservation opportunities and rebates for the installation of highly-efficient equipment, including heating and cooling systems, motors and lighting.

Additionally, the Zoo benefits from a reduced electric rate year-round by participating in an Energy Wise® load management program. They achieved this by installing a generator, which allows them to reduce their electrical load during times Dakota Electric experiences peak energy use and the cost of wholesale power is most expensive.

Working with a business account executive means our business members work one-on-one with a trusted advisor. And, that is always our goal, to be their go-to source.

By making informed energy decisions now, our business members can improve their bottom line for years to come.