This post contains outdated information and is kept for archived purposes only.

Rate Case update

Dakota Electric submitted a general rate case petition to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on Sept. 19, 2019, requesting an overall annual revenue increase of about 4.3% or $8.7 million.

The filing includes an interim increase while our general rate case is being reviewed. A 3.0% increase will apply to electricity use beginning in November 2019, for which members will begin receiving bills in December 2019. This interim increase appears on your bill as “Interim Rate Adjustment.”

State agency regulatory staff is now reviewing the filing for procedural compliance. Like all general rate case filings, this filing is expected to be referred to the Office of Administrative Hearings for further review.

To learn more about the rate case email [email protected] or call 651-463-6212.

Do you want to serve on Dakota Electric’s Nominating Committee?

Dakota Electric Association is requesting member volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors election. Members who desire to serve should email Cherry Jordan at [email protected] or call 651-463-6252. Requests must be received by 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 6, 2019. Volunteer members are drawn by lot for each district (two members from each district and one alternate from each district). Members will be notified of their selection on or about Jan. 6, 2020.

The Nominating Committee will meet late afternoon/evening on Jan. 27, 2020 (or alternate date of Feb. 10), at Dakota Electric’s Farmington office to interview candidates.

Deadline for board candidates is Dec. 6

The following incumbent directors are seeking reelection to the Board of Directors at Dakota Electric Association’s annual meeting on April 30, 2020: John (Jack) DeYoe in District 1, Janet Lekson in District 2, Margaret Schreiner in District 3, and Paul Bakken in District 4. Any member in good standing may seek election for the Board of Directors in the district in which he/she resides.

Members interested in seeking election for a director seat should request an application from Cherry Jordan at [email protected] or call 651-463- 6252. Completed applications must be received at the Dakota Electric office by 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 6, 2019. Candidate interviews will be conducted the evening of Jan. 27, 2020 (or alternate date of Feb. 10).

Sales tax exemption for residential electric heat

A tax exemption is available for the months of November through April if you heat your home primarily with electricity. To determine eligibility, see the Minnesota Department of Revenue Sales Tax Fact Sheet 157 at

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for sales tax exemptions, please contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue at 651-296-6181 or toll free at 1-800-657-3777, or by email at [email protected].

Seasonal charging time update

The charging time for electric-thermal storage (ETS) heating appliances and ETS water heaters has changed from 11 p.m. through 7 a.m. to a new time of 10 p.m. through 6 a.m. Electric vehicles on the storage program are not affected by this change. For questions, email [email protected] or call 651-463-6243.