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Beneficial electrification supports the use of more all-electric appliances and equipment, such as electric heat pumps and electric vehicles, and provides users with clean and efficient products. Widespread beneficial electrification reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fosters a more robust and resilient electrical grid. 

Dakota Electric’s electric vehicle charging programs are the type of innovative, beneficial electrification solution the ECO Act aims to unlock across the state. 

We offer two voluntary options for charging your EV at home. The storage program offers the lowest price, while the time-of-use program provides the most flexibility. Dakota Electric also offers a rebate of up to $500 to cover the cost of installing a charging circuit on either program. To learn more, contact the Energy Experts at 651-463-6243 or email [email protected].

Off-peak storage rate*


Dakota Electric’s storage rate offers members the lowest-cost off-peak electricity for charging an EV, but the hours available are the most restrictive. Electricity for charging your EV is available only during off-peak hours. Power will not be supplied outside of the off-peak hours and the circuit must be dedicated to EV charging. 

Time-of-use rate*


A charger installed on Dakota Electric’s time-of-use rate will always receive electricity, so you can charge your vehicle whenever needed. A special meter is installed that allows the rate to fluctuate based on the time of day you charge your EV. Holidays include New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

*Additional cost for taxes and the Resource and Tax Adjustment (RTA) applies. Other outlets for your EV that are not off-peak outlets are prohibited when participating in this program.