Informational document for those who wish to attend Dakota Electric’s July 29 board meeting.

Click here to view a press release about the vote regarding the sale of Coal Creek.

Great River Energy announced a change to their power supply portfolio recently. You can read the press release from Rainbow Energy Center and also view the infographic. Both will download as PDFs.

Great River Energy sought a buyer for Coal Creek Station that was going to utilize carbon capture, which many environmentalists and the White House support as necessary technology for our future. Click here to download the article.

infographic of renewable energy growthA detailed Powerpoint (some parts redacted due to confidentiality agreements) about the sale of Coal Creek and the transmission line is available for download. Some highlights about the sale:

  • Provides better energy and capacity portfolio
  • Reduces coal exit costs
  • Preserves jobs
  • Selling HVDC system creates highest value at lowest risk

You can read about it on Great River Energy’s website and watch for more information in our August Circuits.