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By January 2022, we will have an estimated 120,000 advanced meters installed. The project remains under budget and on time, even with supply chain issues. This is due to the extra efforts Dakota Electric employees are making to ensure the updates run smoothly.

Fixing meter issues
Updating to advanced meters allows us to identify and fix any metering issues across our service area. There were a few locations where the meters weren’t recording usage and, in some cases, there were safety issues with the meter wiring. For off-peak meters, we discovered a few locations where electricity use wasn’t being recorded, resulting in the member not receiving the off-peak credit. Now that the new meters are installed, we are notified immediately when a meter isn’t working properly and can quickly resolve the issue. Overall, we are pleased to report that there were very few metering issues.

Up next
Roughly 1,000 homes and small businesses are scheduled in the summer of 2022 to receive a high-capacity meter. These meters are a new design that will allow the same functionality as our residential meters but can handle larger loads.

In addition, there were a few cases where we could not exchange the meter due to building materials obstructing our access. Dakota Electric is working with members to identify ways to make these upgrades safely.

Thank you
Our members have been a tremendous support throughout this process. Thank you so much for all of your help and understanding.

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