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SAVE MONEY! Participate in one or more of the following load management (also known as off-peak) programs and receive electricity at nearly half the regular rate! To enroll, visit our load management page or contact the Energy Experts® at 651-463-6243 or email [email protected].


Available for electric water heaters, electric thermal storage heaters and slab storage floor heating systems.

Storage unit is charged at night, when energy costs are lower, storing all of the energy needed for the next day’s use. The storage heater releases heat throughout the day and is the least expensive heating plan available.


Available for electric water heaters, electric heaters, heat pumps, swimming pools and hot tubs.

Power to your equipment is only interrupted during periods of high electricity demand, usually on the hottest and coldest days of the year.


Available only for central air conditioners.

Receive a $39 ($13/month) summer bill credit or a reduced price on the electricity your central air conditioner uses. On days when energy demand is high, Dakota Electric will cycle your air conditioner condenser on and off in 15-minute increments by sending a signal to you load control receiver. Your furnace fan will continue to run.


Dakota Electric offers two voluntary options for charging your EV at home.

STORAGE: Offers members the lowest cost off-peak electricity for charging an EV, but the hours available for charging (11 p.m. -7 a.m.) are the most restrictive.

TIME-OF-USE: Members can charge their EV at any time of day and a special meter is installed that allows the rate to fluctuate based on the time of day the EV is charging. Members are charged lower rates during off-peak hours (9 p.m.-8 a.m.), but are able to charge at any time of the day.


What is it? 
During a day when demand for electricity is high (e.g., a very hot or cold day), Dakota Electric shifts the amount of electricity taken from the electrical grid to a different time of day when less electricity is consumed, ensuring reliability to members. 

How does it work? 
Participating members agree to let Dakota Electric interrupt power to certain electric loads when demand for electricity is high. 

What are the benefits? 
Participants receive electricity at nearly half the regular rate — meaning you pay less for electricity! It also reduces the need to generate more electricity, lowering costs for all members — a win-win for everyone!