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In accordance with Section 3, Article III, of the Bylaws of this Association, we the undersigned Nominating Committee, in a meeting held on January 25, 2022, have selected the following nominees for directorship of said Association to be on the ballot for the 2022 board elections:

District    Candidate

1                   David Jones (incumbent)

1                   Jeff Nelson

1                   Raj Rajan

2                  Laura Lee Berger

2                  Terry Donnelly

2                  Ruth Grendahl

2                  Steven Lucas

2                 Raymond Yarwood

3                 William Holton (incumbent)

3                 Aaron Decker

3                 Donald Vasatka

4                 Stacy Miller (incumbent)

4                 Greg Oxley

The Nominating Committee is made up of the following people: Jeffrey Bransford, Richard Fott, Waldemar Lyslo, Terry Merritt, William Raker, Nathaniel Reitz, Loren Solfest and Patrick Williams.