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Advancements in technology and battery power, coupled with decreasing costs, are winning over consumers looking for comparable utility and versatility. 

Indoor use 

Inside the home, consumers and homebuilders alike are turning to electric appliances to increase energy efficiency and savings. Electric induction stoves, which cook food without any flame, help reduce indoor air pollution and can bring water to a boil in under two minutes. Robotic vacuums are also gaining in popularity. Fortune Business Insights attributes the growth and popularity of robotic vacuums like Roomba to a larger market trend of smart home technology and automation (think Alexa directing a Roomba to vacuum). 

Outdoor use 

In the past few years, battery storage technology has advanced significantly. Hand-held tools with plug-in batteries can hold a charge longer and offer the user the same versatility and similar functionality as gas-powered tools. For DIYers and those in the building trades, national brands such as Makita, Ryobi and Milwaukee offer electric versions of their most popular products like drills, saws, sanders and other tools. In addition to standard offerings, consumers can now purchase a wider array of specialty tools that plug-in such as power inverters, air compressors and electric lawn equipment. 

Benefits of going electric 

Electric equipment requires minimal maintenance, where often the biggest task is keeping them charged. Electric equipment is also quieter, making it easier to listen to music or your favorite podcast while performing outdoor work. Another benefit of using electric appliances or equipment is that by virtue of being plugged into the grid, the environmental benefits of electric devices improve over time. Electricity is becoming cleaner through increasing renewable energy generation, so equipment that uses electricity will have a diminishing environmental impact over time. 

Rebates & Offers 

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