2023 Annual Report

In 2022, Dakota Electric’s leadership and board of directors devised the Strategic and Operating Plan to guide the cooperative’s direction. They outlined seven key priorities and associated goals. Here’s a high-level look at what was achieved in 2023 for each priority.

  • Launched RESAP (Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program to enhance safety culture and update safety measures.
  • Established cross-functional teams for discussions on best practices, strategies, root cause analysis and education.
  • Organized public demonstrations to educate on safe practices around electricity.

  • Created more flexible work arrangements.
  • Enhanced our employee benefits package to align more competitively with industry standards.
  • Increased staffing to ensure members’ needs are met.


  • Returned $2.6 million in capital credits to members.
  • Received a clean audit of financial statements by a third-party auditor.
  • Prioritized necessary investments while maintaining rate stability andcompetitiveness.

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  • Added 30+ miles of new line.
  • Replaced bare cable and aging wood poles.
  • Trimmed 118 miles of line.
  • Addressed 220 tree trimming requests from members.
  • Achieved a System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) outage time of 19.21 minutes.
  • System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) indicates an outage approximately every three years for members.


  • 500+ members joined our electric vehicle programs.
  • Members helped save more than $15.5 million dollars through load management programs.
  • Developed a new virtual metered EV rate charging program and a behind-the-meter storage option.
  • 342 members installed solar panels.
  • Partnered with Prairie Island Indian Community to serve the Tinta Winta 4.5 MW solar site.
  • 155 heat pumps added.


  • Member service representatives took over 130,000 calls.
  • Held 32 member events.
  • Donated 3,349lbs of food and $3,065 to local food shelves.

  • Enhanced our cybersecurity.
  • Developed a Distributed Energy Resource Management System strategy.

2023 Finances

The financial information presented is summarized. Members may request a copy of the complete audited financial statements or view them online. (Dollar amounts are in thousands)

Uses of Revenue