McGruff Safe Kids Identification kits for school children are now available from law enforcement agencies throughout Dakota County and nearby communities.

Dakota Electric Association, a member-owned electric cooperative, provides local law enforcement agencies throughout Dakota County, Northfield and Cannon Falls with McGruff identification kits. Police officers will distribute the kits to classrooms if a teacher makes a request. A visit by a police officer presents a good opportunity for children to learn about public safety from a respected source.

The National Crime Prevention Council endorses the McGruff kits, which provide a fun way to learn about safety. Each kit contains a personal identification section, complete with fingerprinting kit, to help parents keep an up-to-date file on their child.

Any teacher interested in having kits distributed to their class will need to contact their local law enforcement agency quickly, as the supply is limited. Anyone with questions about the program may call Denise Rotty, 651-463-6353.