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Jeff Neuman displays air source heat pump

Dakota Electric member, Jeff Neuman, enjoys the efficient heating and cooling provided by his air-source heat pump.

Jeff Neumann

“I’m glad I contacted Dakota Electric. Dave Reinke really helped us out.”

Did you know?

Dakota Electric’s heat pump rebate promotion is now extended to August 31, 2019!

Jeff Neuman and Dave Reinke with Bill

Jeff Neuman, and Dakota Electric’s energy and member service manager, Dave Reinke, review the savings from Jeff’s recent electric bill.

Why Jeff Neuman says he’s a true believer

When Jeff and Rachelle Neuman built their home near Hastings last fall, they knew they were going to install an air-source heat pump.

In 2010, the couple was paying approximately $400 a month each summer for their electric bill. Their central air conditioner was undersized for their house in town.

“The home was a model and the air conditioning unit was not properly sized,” said Jeff. “We needed a way to figure out how to dial back our electricity use and save money.”

After speaking with Dakota Electric’s energy and member services manager, Dave Reinke, Jeff and Rachelle learned about air-source heat pumps and how they could receive a low, off-peak electric rate by installing one.

“When we replaced our old air conditioning unit with an air-source heat pump, we received a half-price electric rate on our cooling costs through Dakota Electric’s Energy Wise® load management program,” said Jeff. “The heating is an added benefit.”

When it came time for Jeff and Rachelle to build their dream home in 2018, the choice to install an air-source heat pump was easy. “Switching to a heat pump in our old home cut our bill in half,” said Jeff. “Now we’re saving more money at our new house by using Dakota Electric’s many load management programs.”

Air-source heat pumps move heat rather than convert it from fuel. In the summer, heat is extracted from indoor air and transfered outside. In winter, heat is extracted from outside and moved inside to heat buildings, all while being twice as efficient as a traditional forced-air system. Air-source heat pumps can be added to an existing furnace in place of a new air conditioner.

If you are building a new home or plan to replace your existing central air conditioner, contact Dakota Electric for information about low, off-peak electric rates, plus available rebates and a list of local heat pump installers.

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