Monthly Bill Inserts

Each month Dakota Electric sends members information with their bills about programs to save energy as well as important facts about your electricity. We want to make sure our members who receive their bills electronically don’t miss out on the information.

Promotion on air-source heat pump rebate extended!

Extended through August 31, take advantage of up to three times the normal rebate offer on an air-source heat pump installation, and double up on savings when combining the efficiency of a heat pump with a low-cost Energy Wise® off-peak electric rate. LEARN MORE

Wellspring Renewable Energy® supports wind and solar

Wellspring Renewable Energy is a voluntary program offered to members who want to do more to support renewable energy, and is typically much less expensive than third-party renewable-energy resellers.

Power your future with solar

Dakota Electric offers members a performance-based rebate on residential solar installations. The website of the Minnesota Department of Commerce can help you decide if solar is right for your home.

Watch out for utility payment scams

Utility phone scams typically involve callers claiming to represent a utility company attempting to trick people into paying them money by threatening to turn off their service. Never give out social security numbers, credit card or banking information to anyone who calls, no matter who they claim to represent. Dakota Electric does not ask for this type of information, nor do we demand you purchase a prepaid credit card and tell you to call us back with the number. Learn More

Keeping your personally identifiable information safe

Dakota Electric understands the importance of protecting your information. Download our brochure to find out more.