Monthly Bill Inserts

Each month Dakota Electric sends members information with their bills about programs to save energy as well as important facts about your electricity. We want to make sure our members who receive their bills electronically don’t miss out on the information.

Don’t sweat the thermostat

An electric thermal storage (ETS) heating system efficiently stores and distributes low-cost heat for individual rooms or an entire home. And with a $50 per kilowatt rebate, a low off-peak electric rate and the potential for 0% financing, Dakota Electric takes the chill off the cost of keeping you toasty. In addition, members who heat with LP gas are eligible for a FREE in-home audit. Contact the Energy Experts® to learn more.

A match made in heaven for your electric vehicle

Is it possible to love your EV even more? Possibly, especially when you combine Dakota Electric’s ChargeWise and Revolt programs. With CHARGEWISE, members can get up to $500 for installing the charger plus an affordable rate that meets your charging needs. Enroll in REVOLT, and you can power your EV with 100 percent wind energy – for the lifetime of that vehicle – at no extra cost. Email us to learn more.

Power your future with solar energy

Dakota Electric offers members a performance-based REBATE for installing a photovoltaic system on their home. Visit the Minnesota Department of Commerce WEBSITE to see if solar is a good option for you.

2019 goals: Save energy and money!

Check out Dakota Electric’s 2019 ENERGY WISE REBATES® for ideas on how you can save energy and money all year long.

Watch out for energy scams

Don’t get caught in a utility scam. LEARN HOW to identify someone trying to steal your financial information and Slam the Scam.

Your electricity isn’t something we take lightly

Because you are a member of Dakota Electric, we strive to provide you with a high level of service and reliability at a reasonable price.  LEARN MORE about the power of your membership and the cooperative difference.